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The Mediterranean Diet

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

The Greeks of the Mediterranean have based their diet on olive products for thousands of years.

Olive oil and olives were the main and essential source of energy for the Greek population, accounting for one third of their daily calorie intake. Even today, it is unsparingly used in cooking. It is recognized as comprising one of the healthiest eating habits in the world. Studies show that Greeks enjoy the best health and they consume the greatest amount of olive oil in the world. Coincidence? Not really. They just know the secret to good health.

The simple and traditional Mediterranean diet is of olive oil, cereals, breads, pulses, vegetables, fruit, and small quantities of eggs, cheese, milk, meat, fish and a little red wine with each meal.

About 70% of the fatty substances the average Greek consumes consists of olive oil. Olive oil holds the vitamins beneficial to all healthy bodily functions and it contains no cholesterol. Researchers have discovered that the Greeks have the lowest rate of heart diseases and cancer. In fact, they have the lowest coronary mortality rate by far as shown in a study involving eight different countries.

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