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Olive Oil Flavor Preserving Tips

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

People often wonder what is the best way to preserve their beloved olive oil. Here are some of our helpful tips!

Olive Oil Storage Tips

The storage of olive oil in glass bottles is an ideal solution in order to retain its natural characteristics for several months, especially if the bottle is dark in colour. Olive oil is sensitive to light oxidation, which speeds up when it comes into contact with sunlight and room light. For this reason, if the bottle is transparent, it should be kept in a dark place.

Ideal storage temperature is believed to be 10-15 Celsius.

Olive oil should not come into contact with metal, especially copper or iron. These metals speed up the process of acidic deterioration of the product. Storage is allowed only in non-oxidizing metal containers.

Some Quick Tips

  • Store away from light and heat as olive oil is sensitive to these elements and may oxidize.

  • Olive oil may congeal in the refrigerator and go solid at low temperatures. This will not harm the oil but the oil will need to come back to room temperature before use.

  • Should you see olive oils that have sediment at the bottom of the bottles on display at a retail store, do not be concerned, as the bottles have probably just been removed from a cold storage area.

  • A very low acidity mentioned on the label is a key indicator of its quality, while the colour of the oil does not necessarily attest to it.

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